aop-car Car Accidents

From the Hollywood Freeway to the Santa Monica Freeway to our city streets, California’s roadways are among the busiest in the U.S. – and the most dangerous. – Add to that reckless and distracted drivers, and it’s an accident waiting to happen. If you’ve been the victim of a Southern California road accident, get help from our legal professionals today.btn-learn-more

aop-boatMotor Vehicle Accidents

Semi trucks, motorcycles, buses and automobiles all vie for space on the roads. Boats from yachts to kayaks crowd the waterways. Unfortunately, when accidents occur, especially between vehicles of disparate sizes, the results can be catastrophic. Our attorneys have unique experience in helping the injured and their families stand up to the insurance companies – and win.btn-learn-more

aop-pedestrianPedestrian / Bicycle Accident

More and more Southern Californians are biking and walking to work or just for pleasure. But what seems like an economical and environmentally friendly way to get around can turn to tragedy. With their experience as former insurance company attorneys, few lawyers have the unique insights into how to help you get maximum compensation that the attorneys at Mains & Arechaederra can offer.btn-learn-more

aop-premisesPremises Liability

Business and property owners have a responsibility to maintain their premises in a safe manner. When they don’t and you are injured as a result of their carelessness, they owe you more than an apology. They owe you for your medical bills, your lost wages, and more. Whether you fell on an uneven staircase or were attacked in a poorly lit parking lot, we help you get back on your feet by getting you what you deserve.btn-learn-more

aop-dogDog Bites

While pit bulls get the bad rap, even smaller dogs can bite. Victims of dog bites often bear the physical and emotional scars for life. Children are vulnerable as they are unaware of the potential danger of approaching an animal and often sustain bites in the face. We have attorneys who are active in the American Kennel Club and use their knowledge of animal behavior and insurance companies go after those who are responsible for your injury.btn-learn-more

aop-catastrophicCatastrophic Injuries

These are the injuries that you never thought would happen to you. When they do, the devastation runs deeper than the physical injuries. They can end your ability to earn a living, to care for a family, to do the simplest of chores or enjoy a favorite pastime. As attorneys who once made their living working for the insurance companies, we know how to counter their arguments and make sure that they pay for all your current and future needs.btn-learn-more

aop-brainTraumatic Brain Injuries

The human brain contains 100 billion cells and, by some estimates, can process 20 million billion calculations per second. The brain is the engine of our body, our thoughts and our imagination. Any damage to this vital organ can cause a lifetime of disability. If you or someone you care about has suffered a traumatic brain injury, talk to the attorneys who are uniquely qualified to help you.btn-learn-more

aop-wrongfulWrongful Death

No amount of money can bring back that person you cared about and whose life was lost because of someone else’s reckless or careless behavior – whether as a result of medical malpractice, a motor vehicle accident, or a defective product. At the law firm of Mains & Arechaederra, we know how to make sure that the negligent party is held accountable for their actions and that you receive full monetary compensation for your loss.btn-learn-more

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