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Bit by a ‘Sweet’ Dog? Call a Dog Bite Attorney in Newport Beach

We would all like to think that all the pets in our Newport Beach neighbourhoods are harmless and take well to all humans. But, is that really true? How often do we hear of dogs biting humans? What if this was to happen to you? This could mean injury, medical bills and wages lost from work. It pays, in this situation, to have a dog bite attorney in Newport Beach on your side. Why have a lawyer on your side? Here are a few reasons why:

Know the Injuries: While they may not be medical professionals (and you shouldn’t go to them for medical advice anyway), lawyers are familiar with dog bite injuries because they have seen a lot of them. The risk of rabies and high medical bills may be an important reason to hire a dog bite attorney in Newport Beach.

Analytics: There are a number of cases in which you are not at fault in a dog bite case. In informing your lawyer of the exact situation of the bite- where the dog was, where you were and other pertinent information- your lawyer may be able to advise you on how to proceed and what to do next.

Animal Rights: What if you weren`t the only injured party in the dog bite incident? What if the dog that attacked you was malnourished or neglected in some way? Some animals that attack humans do so due to malnourishment or other abuse. We all love our animals and want them to get justice too. A lawyer can bring negligence to the attention of the proper authorities and get the animal to safety.

Prevent Future Incidents: In approaching an attorney, you are bringing to attention a negligent owner or an out of control pet, but regardless of the situation, this may not be a one-time incident. If you don’t stop it, this could happen to someone else.

There are plenty of reasons to hire a dog bit attorney in Newport Beach, the primary one, though, is the safety of the neighbourhoods and the people who live there.