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Four Steps You Need To Take With Your Car Accident Attorney in Corona

Most days on the road are just another day on the road, but when an obviously normal day ends in an auto accident, all that follows can’t be all that good. The least of your worries is the damage to your car. But the physical injury to yourself and the mental agony it causes can be more than disabling for you. The days that follow can involve a number of proceedings including court appearances. In times like this, the one resource whose advice can be invaluable can be a car accident attorney in Corona. Here are a few steps you have to go through before you get your settlement:

The Complaint and Summons Process
Once you have found a lawyer after the accident and the lawyer is ready to take your case on, you are ready to establish your case. The first step is that your lawyer will compile documents known as a complaint and summons that is sent to the liable party (the defendant). This indicates your intent to move forward with your lawsuit.

Service of Process
This step is just to ensure that the paperwork gets to your defendants and they are aware of your intent to pursue a lawsuit against them. This gives the defendant an opportunity also to prepare their own defence.

The Defendant’s Response
Once the paperwork has been handed to the defendant, they are responsible for getting a response back to you. This includes a response to your car accident attorney in Corona with their lawyer’s name and their response to your lawsuit- a declaration of guilt or the absence of it.

The Discovery Process
This is essentially the evidence sharing stage. The defendant’s, as well as your, lawyer are obligated to share all the evidence they hold in your case. This included any photos, interviews (not yours) and documents each party holds.

These are only steps that are standard of the car accident lawsuit. After these steps are accomplished, your case can take a number of different directions including settlements or in court cases. Your car accident attorney in Corona will be present for all these steps and for what follows.