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Make the Call to a Dog Bite Attorney in Los Angeles When You Are Bit

Dogs are one of the most beloved pets in the world- many of us even prefer them to human company. They are loyal, well loved and well trained…most of the time. Most pets are friendly but some unfortunate series of events can lead to you getting bitten by a dog. This could be because of your ignorance, owner negligence or even due to pet abuse. Regardless of the reason, getting bitten may cause physical injury and maybe lost wages. If you find yourself in similar situations, hiring a dog bite attorney in Los Angeles may be your best chance to get fair representation. Here are a few facts about dog bites that can help:

Some Dogs ARE More Dangerous: While all dogs can potentially be dangerous, especially if they are abused or neglected, some species are more dangerous than others. Some of the most dangerous species can include Pitbulls, Rotweillers and German Shepherds. When encountering these species, practice extra caution.

Stranger Danger: You may be surprised to know that most dog bite cases encountered by dog bite attorneys in Los Angeles involve dogs that are known to the victim. So, it is not necessary for a dog to be a stranger for you to be involved in a dog bite incident.

Age No Bar: If you follow some of the dog bite cases that are featured in the news these days, you will notice that there is no age minimum for these cases. Dogs as young as puppies can cause some terrible injuries through dog bites. So, young or old, not all dogs may be safe.

Pets Need Lawyers Too: Pet negligence or ignorance is not new. What if the dog that attacked you did so out of necessity responding to owner negligence of their needs? Pets may sometimes need advocates and lawyers too. Getting your case to a dog bit attorney can also get a neglected pet the help he/she needs.

You may get lots of advice after a dog bite incident, but the most important advice you can get is from a dog bite attorney in Los Angeles.