Orange County Auto Accident Injury Lawyer

Auto Accident Attorneys in Orange County and Car Accident Personal Injury Lawyers in Riverside

Mains & Arechaederra, a Professional Law Corporation, has over 100 years of combined experience to help you recover from medical bills, lost wages and property damage after an auto accident. We are a knowledgeable personal injury law firm conveniently serving the Orange, Riverside and San Bernardino County areas. Our experienced professional personal injury attorneys effectively represent victims of car accidents. If you have been injured, it is important to seek the best auto accident attorneys in Orange County and Riverside. Permit us to work on your behalf.

It seems that now more than ever, drivers are taking excessive risks while driving, such as eating meals, talking on cell phones, and even texting while driving. Along with so many hazards on the roads, such as – drunk drivers, unpredictable weather, and road construction – it is no wonder that even safe, responsible drivers can find themselves injured in an accident. At Mains & Arechaederra, your car accident injury lawyers will get you medical help immediately, free of cost, even if you don’t have medical insurance. We handle details regarding car repairs and medical documents. We work on your behalf to make sure that you receive full compensation for all bills, costs, and wages lost due to incurring damages associated with your injury.

We do this because our injury lawyers guarantee a pleasant experience while guiding you through lawsuit proceedings. We correspondingly provide our services in Orange County and surrounding areas to make getting to our locations more convenient for you. California’s roadways are among the busiest in the U.S., and they are the most dangerous. Accidents are an unfortunate occurrence, but our injury lawyers will determinedly fight to get you the best settlement possible for your pain and suffering.

Managing Trial Attorney David Mains previously worked for a leading insurance company as the Los Angeles managing trial attorney, teaching to defend against mounting lawsuits. Mains gained insider knowledge after working with insurance companies; therefore, our lawyers have an inside edge when it comes to settling your personal injury claim successfully. Today, we pride ourselves on using that knowledge to benefit the victims injured through the negligence of others.

Expert personal injury attorneys take a systematic approach to make sure that you receive full compensation for your injuries and other inconveniences. We are prepared to counter all evidence and arguments presented that the insurance company will use to minimize your claim. We can also determine the full value of your claim by enforcing fair consideration of the claim through what insurance adjusters refer to as medical specific damages. The adjuster considers compensation for pain, suffering, and similar inconveniences. We will not settle for less than you deserve and are fully prepared to take your case to court.

Schedule a free consultation with an Orange County personal injury attorney today so they can discuss your case with you one-on-one. No case is too complex for our firm to consider. Talk to a personal injury lawyer with the knowledge and expertise to help now. Call us at (714) 667-0767or visit us online at Se habla español.