Orange County Car Crash Checklist

If you are involved in a car or motorcycle accident

Whether it involves an injury or not, there are steps you should take when you are in an accident. You may want to print this page and keep it in your glove compartment just in case:

1. If injuries are involved, call for medical assistance: Call 911. Stay close to the injured person, but unless you have first-aid or professional medical training, you should not attempt to provide medical treatment. Unless the injured person is in danger, do not move them.

2. If possible, move your car to the side of the road and wait for the police to arrive: Do not get into an argument with the driver or passengers of the other vehicle. Let the police take statements.

3. Exchange information: Provide your driver’s license number, your vehicle registration and your insurance information to the other driver, and get the same information from them. Make sure to get their vehicle’s plate number, as well as their contact information, including phone number and address. When the police arrive, get the officer’s name, badge number, and their station. Tell the officer your version of what happened.

4. A picture is worth a thousand words: Take pictures if you can. If your cell phone doesn’t have a camera, you might want to keep an inexpensive disposable camera in your car.

5. Get witness information: Names, addresses, and phone numbers of anybody who saw what happened.

6. Get medical treatment: What seems like a minor “pain in the neck” could turn out to be whiplash. Whether you go to your personal physician or to the emergency room, make sure you report all your injuries to the doctor or medical staff.

7. Contact your insurance company immediately: If your accident  involves property damage to your vehicle and/or the other driver’s car,  or if anybody was injured, it is imperative that you notify your insurance company immediately. If you don’t, your claim could be denied.

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