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We provide the expertise and experience to help those injured in Southern California motor vehicle accidents

Semi trucks, motorcycles, buses, and automobiles all vie for space on the roads. Boats, from yachts to kayaks, crowd the waterways. Unfortunately, when accidents occur, especially between vehicles of disparate sizes, the results can be catastrophic. The personal injury lawyers at Mains & Arechaederra, A Professional Law Corporation, have extensive experience in helping the injured and their families stand up to the insurance companies — and win.

We turn the tables on the insurance companies

As a former trial attorney working for the insurance companies, David Mains is familiar with how the insurance companies think and the strategies they will likely use against you. Using this knowledge, our attorneys have been able to get justice and compensation for victims of Orange County truck, motorcycle, car, bus, boating, and aircraft accidents.

Truck accidents

Whether you call them semis, tractor-trailers, or 18-wheelers, trucks can weigh in excess of 35,000 pounds. Accidents between a truck and a passenger vehicle or motorcycle often results in catastrophic injuries or fatalities. As your personal injury lawyers, we know how to check for:

  • Truck driver fatigue
  • Truck maintenance issues, including defective tires or worn brakes
  • Improper loading
  • Problems with maintenance logs

Our detail-oriented approach and in-depth knowledge of the trucking industry allows us to maximize compensation for those injured in truck accidents or, in the case of fatal crashes, wrongful death awards for their families.

Motorcycle accidents

Protecting the rights of injured motorcyclists poses special challenges. Juries often neither understand the obligations that motorists have in sharing the road with riders, nor do they always sympathize with motorcyclists. Lawyers representing insurance companies play on these misunderstandings. As your attorneys, we make sure that the jury sees the picture from the other side and counter the insurance company’s arguments. We also employ accident reconstructionists and medical specialists to support your case.

Boating accidents

Common causes for boat accidents include collisions between boats, operator inexperience, and boating while intoxicated. If you have fallen overboard or capsized and have been injured as a result, we can help. We know how to check for proper boat operation and adherence to state and federal regulations regarding boat safety. We can also represent you if you were injured by a boat while swimming or waterskiing.

Aircraft accidents

As the number of privately owned and operated aircraft increases, so does the potential for more accidents. Aviation accidents can stem from pilot error, maintenance issues, air traffic control problems, or defective aircraft or aircraft components. Under strict liability, blame may be shared between a number of entities, including owner, pilot, aircraft, and aircraft parts manufacturers, aircraft maintenance firms, and even the federal government. Plane or helicopter crashes or collisions frequently lead to severe injury or wrongful death. We understand the complex nature of aviation law and liability, and are prepared to aggressively represent you.

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