Personal Injury Attorney in Orange County, CA

How our in-house insurance industry experience can help you win your premises liability lawsuit

Business and property owners have a responsibility to maintain their premises in a safe manner. When they don’t and you are injured as a result of their carelessness, they owe you more than an apology. They owe you for your medical bills, your lost wages, pain and suffering, and more. Whether you fell on an uneven staircase or were attacked in a poorly lit parking lot, we help you get back on your feet by getting you what you deserve.

At Mains & Arechaederra, A Professional Law Corporation, we don’t push you to  accept an offer. We know the value of personal injury claims and will fight the insurance company to pay you the full value of your claim. We have the resources and know how to take these claims to court. We are fully prepared to take a case to court if the insurance company won’t offer you the full value of your claim.

We took on an insurance company in a slip-and-fall case
and won a $1.2 million judgment for our client

Whether you slip and fall on a staircase not built to code in a rental property or sustained an injury caused by falling debris at a construction site, we have the experience, the tools, and the unique ability to find flaws in the defense’s arguments. Why? As a former insurance industry attorney, managing trial attorney David Mains knows what to expect and how to counter their arguments on your behalf. The goal of our premises liability lawyers is to get you every penny you deserve if you have been injured by:

  • A slip-and-fall caused by  loose carpeting, uneven pavement, broken or non-existent handrails, or slippery floors
  • Electric shocks caused by faulty wiring
  • Illness caused by mold or carbon monoxide leaks
  • Hazardous conditions at construction sites, including scaffolding, cane, ladder, heavy equipment, and power tool accidents
  • Inadequate security measures that lead to assault, robbery, or rape

No premises liability case is too complex for us to handle. In fact, other attorneys often refer clients to us, knowing that we have expertise to help injured parties who need it most.

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Do not sign anything with the insurance company before you talk to us. We will make sure that your rights are protected and that you get the greatest possible compensation for your injury. The consultation is free and if we don’t win your case, you owe us nothing. To schedule your consultation, please contact us online or call us at 714.667.0767. Se habla español.