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Sidewalk Safe with a Pedestrian Accident Attorney in Tustin

Sidewalks are meant to provide safety for pedestrians- those who are on foot or use the sidewalk for skating and rollerblading. But, sometimes there can be pedestrian accidents. These accidents are very often caused by pedestrians on the sidewalk being injured by automotives or by tripping accidents caused by negligent homeowners. These accidents can also happen at intersections and in parking lots. Almost all the time, it is the pedestrian who is considered the weaker party and, therefore, more vulnerable to injury. These accidents cause physical, mental and financial injury. With these injuries a pedestrian accident attorney in Tustin can help you determine your rights. Here are some benefits of having an attorney on your side:

  • Know Your Case: Once you have an attorney following an accident, you must tell them accurate details of the incident- what happened and how it happened. Every detail counts and can contribute to filing and accurate claim to liable parties. In addition, by supplying your attorney with all the details, your lawyer can also determine if there are other liable parties as well.
  • Local Laws: Many pedestrians who are injured are unsure of their rights after an accident. It doesn’t help that laws governing insurance, medical care and the obligations of the parties in an accident, are constantly changing. This can lead to a long, drawn out battle with insurance companies and the other party. A pedestrian accident attorney in Tustin is constantly updated on state and local bylaws which may affect your case and its outcome.
  • Best in Court: If your case gets to court, it is obviously a necessity to have a capable lawyer to tell your side of the story. This is especially true if you are looking to recoup damages for medical bills and other injuries.

A pedestrian accident can be a stressful incident in your life- causing much more than physical injury. A pedestrian accident attorney in Tustin can help, not only to tell your side of the story, but also to advocate on your behalf and get the best deal possible to cover your damages.