Client Testimonials

“I want to comment that I was most impressed by Mr. David Mains who was the attorney representing my daughter and myself in this case. As an orthopedic surgeon, I have had some experience with lawyers and I must say I was most impressed by his professionalism, his capability in the way he conducted himself at this trial.”

“I commend Mr. Mains for the manner in which this case was handled. He did an outstanding job in keeping me informed of events as they occurred and explaining intricacies of the case. His demeanor throughout this case could not have been more professional. Obviously I was pleased for the final disposition. I feel that it is important to “stick to one’s guns” when principle is involved and I really appreciate Mr. Mains’ work in this regard.”

“Mr. Mains is an attorney of high caliber and wise counsel. During the last four and half years he has provided the legal support in a very professional and thorough manner. His conduct of the trial was exemplary. He should be recognized for his performance and professionalism. I find Mr. Mains to be an outstanding attorney who knows what he is doing.”

“David Mains was, simply, a great trial lawyer. I have been in practice for 30 years and he did an outstanding job in cross examination of the plaintiff. He was respectful, classy, and professional, but made the points he needed to make. Most impressive to me, was the treasure trove of cross examination of impeachment material, and he knew when to quit. From opening statement on the jury was in his hands.”

“This is to express my sincere appreciation for the way you handled this case. The mediation brief and related documents that you prepared set the tone to resolve this matter. I was very impressed by the way you handled the matter. I also compliment you on the hospitality and graciousness that your staff extended to me.”

“This case has been pending for years and from all of the attorneys that have been involved, he has shown the most interest in resolving the matter. In particular, he also expressed his understanding of my personal feelings and also showed his dedication to the benefit of the clients. He personally expressed to me his concern about saving funds in the settlement of this case. I wish to again express my admiration for his professional and thorough preparation of the case even though we did not get actually to trial.”

“Dear David,

I approached your Law Firm in September of 2012 immediately after my injury from riding a CHP BMW motorcycle that had suffered a mechanical failure by negligence on the part of a local certified BMW service center.  I suffered many internal injuries from the accident that lead to multiple surgeries and medical procedures for which I continue to receive treatment. Without hesitation, your firm took my case and began immediately investigating it to the fullest, with regards to finding the cause and culprit to the incident.

Since the day of my accident, my life, my family have been in turmoil by being put through all the medical test, treatments, the anxieties that are attached to these type of incidents.  I thoroughly loved my job working on a motorcycle for the California Highway Patrol and would never give it up for any reason.  It was what I enjoyed.  When I learned it will never be the same again, that the damage was to great, I felt as if I’d been stripped of all my pride and would no longer be a provider for my family in a manner only I knew how to do.

To my point, I want to convey to you and all your staff.  You spent countless hours working on my case, orchestrating the depositions, the legal forms, compiling mountains of medical records, statements on my behalf, and you did it with a true concern and compassion because you knew my family and I deserve to be compensated for the troubled hand that was dealt to us. I always believed that you worked in “our best interest” from day one and right through the settlement hearing until satisfaction and reward had been accomplished.

David, it has been a long road traveled, I still have many medical issues to deal with in the coming months, but knowing this portion of my life changing event has been resolved has lifted a huge load off my back and I finally feel I can now move forward to finally find some comfort in knowing I am closer to being that person I had always hope to be when I retired.

My wife and I want to tell you with all due respect and sincerity, that we owe you a great deal of appreciation for being there with us and supporting us in our most difficult time of our life.  You had always listen with compassion and understanding and served us with confidence throughout the entire proceeding.  You are a true man of honor, and it has been my pleasure to have you as my representative and as a friend.   Please convey this message to all your staff who supported us, they too have been so wonderful.

Thank you again, God bless you and your wonderful family.”